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Interview with Knez from Montenegro: “We should all be proud of who we are and where we come from”

Picture: Bojan Stanic

Good Evening Europe talked to Knez, this year’s montenegrin representative.

Good Evening Europe: First of all congratulations on being selected as Montenegro’s representative in Eurovision Song Contest 2015 – What does it mean to you to represent your country ?

Knez: It is one of my wishes, to represent Montenegro in Eurovision Song Contest. Years back, I was competing in national selection with song Navika, but I didn’t win obviously. I believe that Eurovision is a dream of many musicians. So when RTCG called me months ago to take part, somehow I expected that call but I was really happy it happened now.

Good Evening Europe: You are a big star in your home country and in the Balkans, but in Denmark we are not so familiar with your music. Could you introduce yourself to our readers – including your music style and musical influences? 

Knez: Sure. I am into regional ex YU music scene for more than 20 years now. My father, Mili Knezevic, was a musician and composer, so he introduced me to the magical world of music. That’s how was created my first Montenegro band, which gathered the best musicians back then. My solo career started 1992 and since then I have released 10 music albums, music videos, had concerts and gigs, and performed at all regional and national music festivals.

The music I sing is mostly pop, pop-rock. My first album name ‘’Kao magija” (Like a magic) was pop, while the latest album The magic of Balkans, is different music style I used to do. It’s very interesting change, more traditional sound from Balkans, let’s say it is urban ethno jazz, which sound shows cultural heritage of Balkan region and its countries.

Good Evening Europe: You have been in the music business for many years, what made you decide, that 2015 was the year for Eurovision?

Knez: It was that call from RTCG that I expected for many years, and now I feel ready to step at the Eurovision stage and share my music with audience in Europe and whole world. I am working on my next music album, so Eurovision is great way to introduce my fans and people who love my music with some huge project like this.

Good Evening Europe: Your song is called “Adio”, in English “Goodbye”, can you tell us more about the song and what the message is?

Knez: Adio is beautiful ballad with very deep story, composed by Zeljko Joksimovic. It is a song about endless love, love that continues to exist no matter of presents and space. Sometimes we people deal hard with the situation when person we love isn’t here beside us.

Good Evening Europe: How did you end up working with Eurovision legend Zeljko Joksimovic?

Knez: Zeljko is the best musician from our region and I knew I can trust him the most with the song. He promised he will write great song for me, and that we can have very successful Eurovision. Zeljko has so much experience with Eurovision, he represented Serbia in 2004 with Lane Moje and 2012 with Nije ljubav stvar. And he wrote a song Lejla for Bosnia & Herzegovina., and Oro for Serbia.

So with musician like him, I believe we can make good position for Montenegro. Adio has his music style but it is combined with my sensibility and my singing, and it is perfect match I believe. I will have five great female vocals with me on the stage, so I believe it will sound great.

Good Evening Europe: Zeljko has never placed outside Top 10 in Eurovision, does this put a special pressure on you?

Knez: I believe in work of Zeljko Joksimovic and he can bring Montenegro this year in good place. Adio is great song and I hope I will deliver message of the song and performance to the audience.

Good Evening Europe: Is there any special significance to “Ruzmarin” in the Balkans? Hari Mata Hari, who participated with a Zeljko-song in 2007, also sings about rosemary, like you do in your entry “Adio”.

Knez: Rosemary is the plant that grows at the Adriatic coast. When you walk down the beaches of Montenegro, you can feel beautiful smell of it. Rosemary is the symbol of love and wedding flower. It is unforgettable part of weddings in our region. It evokes the memories of love and loyalty.

Good Evening Europe: Can you reveal a little bit about your stage performance in Vienna?

Knez: I can only say that will be traditional and elegant. I will have 5 female backing vocalists with me: Dunja Vujadinovic, Ksenija Knezevic, Jelena Vladovic, Lena Kuzmanovic and Jelena Pajic.

Good Evening Europe: Many Eurovision-fans, including me, have a special love for the “Balkan Ballads”. Why do you think the genre has become so popular in Eurovision?

Knez: Thank you. I just think that Eurovision is perfect place for showing your origins and sound of country and region you come from. It is European music contest, full of beautiful diversities and we have great music that is worth of sharing with rest of the world. Balkan Ballad should be our stamp on Eurovision, like Scandinavian countries use to compete with their amazing Electropop and Schlager. We should all be proud of who we are, and where we come from.

Good Evening Europe: Are you a Eurovision-fan and could you reveal a couple of your favorite entries from the history of the contest?

Knez: Yes I am and I watch Eurovision every year with my family and friends at home, just this year I will perform there. 🙂 I love Euphoria by Loreen, Satelite by Lena from Germany. I adore song from Turkey, Athena – For real, Marija Serifovic, ABBA, Emmelie de Forest, Johnny Logan, Secret Garden etc.

Good Evening Europe: Do you have a special message for the readers of (Denmark)?

Knez: Tusind tak for reading this article 🙂 I honestly hope you like my song Adio, and hope to get your support during Eurovision. Lot of love, Knez.


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