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Mørland: “The bunny suit is reflecting the theme of the song”

Mørland's new single "No Firewall"

Kjetil Mørland took Norway and the rest of Europe by storm when he represented Norway in Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with ”A Monster Like Me” alongside Debrah Scarlett.  The song took them to an impressive 8th place in the final and has now sold to gold and passed 4.500.000 streams on Spotify.

After Eurovision, Mørland went straight back to the studio to work on a follow-up. He is now ready with his first solo-single, “No Firewall” which was released August 28th. In a press release he explains:

“The song is inspired by a close friend of mine and is about starting from square one after ending a relationship.  Suddenly you’re all alone, without the safe environment  you are used to. You don’t know where the road leads next – It’s exciting and scary at the same time.”

Interview with Mørland

Last week we had a little talk with Mørland on the new single release. Here’s what he told us:

Michael: Is this current single release a part of an album in the works for you?

Yes, there will be an album coming in the new year. But I might release another single or two first!

Michael: What’s up with the bunny suit on the cover? 🙂

It’s reflecting the theme of the song – getting out of your comfort zone and facing an entirely new reality.

Michael: The video to “A Monster Like Me” featured a dinner party ending in a food fight. Are you planning a similarly quirky video for “No Firewall”?

I’ve just finished the video for No Firewall and it will be released early next week. It’s all shot in and around a rowing boat on the Oslo fjord. Not quirky perhaps, but quite a nice little concept. I’m very pleased with how it’s come out.

Michael: Are you planning a promotion tour and will it take you near your Danish fans?

Hopefully! It does depend on how much you guys stream the song 😉

Do you have a special message for your fans and the readers of

The video is shot on the very sea dividing us, but hopefully it’ll bring us closer… god that was cheesy! Haha.. check out the tune, and feel free to get in touch online – be nice to hear what you all think! Take care, hopefully see you soon.


Mørlands nye single "No Firewall"

Mørland’s new single “No Firewall”


Mørland is an artist, songwriter and a producer. He is from Grimstad, but has lived most of his life in England. This has influenced him both as an artist and a songwriter and his music is heavily inspired by british pop music. His strength lies in the clean and catchy melodies, personal and heartfelt lyrics, and his unique vocals. He lists up The Shins, David Bowie, early Elton John, Talking Heads, and Lennon/McCartney as his biggest sources of inspiration.

Photo: Mørland presskit

Photo: Mørland presskit

With his British band Absent Elk, he released the album “Caught In The Headlights”, produced by Toby Smith from Jamiroquai. The singles “Sun & Water” and “Emily” both got rotation on british national radio. The band also guested Dermot O’leary’s popular talk show, where they performed acoustic live versions of some of their songs. Absent Elk toured Britain and were support for household British acts such as The Script, Keane and Girls Aloud.

Kjetil recently moved to Oslo to establish himself as a solo artist. Last spring he won the Norwegian pre-selection along with Debrah Scarlett with his song “A Monster Like Me”.


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Mørland: No Firewall


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