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Good Evening Europe’s Eurovision Juryvote 2017

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Velkommen til Good Evening Europe‘s  Jury afstemning 2017. Herunder finder du din stemmeseddel med alle 43 deltagende lande. Afstemningen følger normal Eurovision procedure: Giv 12 points til din favorit, 10 points til din 2. plads og så videre. Tryk på “Cast Vote”, for at indsende dine stemmer.

Undlad venligst at stemme på dit eget land!

Tak for din deltagelse! Del gerne med dine Eurovision-venner.

NB! Hvis du kommer direkte til resultatsiden, er det fordi du allerede har deltaget i afstemningen.


Welcome to Good Evening Europe‘s Eurovision Song Contest 2017 Jury Vote. Below is your voting-ballot with all 43 participating countries.
The Voting follows normal Eurovision-procedure: award 12 points to your favourite, 10 points to second place and so forth. Press the “Cast vote”-button, when you’re done.

Please don’t vote for your own country!

Thank you for your participation! Please share with your Eurovision-friends.

You can only vote once! If you are forwarded directly to the results page, you  have already voted.

The results of the voting are not scientifically valid, and are determined by the random group of people, who visits the website and participate in the poll. GEE doesn’t ask for your mail-adress, when voting. Research shows that only 1 out of 10 will participate, if they have to confirm their votes via mail. 

Eurovision 2017

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  1. T petersen // March 31, 2017 at 11:30 pm //

    there is no doubt -Portugal winns

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