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Interview with Bojana from Serbia: “You are beautiful, different and you are here”

    Good Evening Europe talked to Bojana Stamenov, who will represent Serbia in Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with the song “Beauty Never Lies”.

    Good Evening Europe: First of all congratulations on being selected to represent Serbia in Eurovision Song Contest 2015! How did you react, when you were named winner of the show and what does it mean to you to participate in Eurovision?

    It was really amazing and it meant a lot to me. My dream come true and big responsibility and sense of pride to be selected by your own country to present it.

    Good Evening Europe: Could you introduce yourself to our readers – including your style and musical influences?

    My father is a musician and he recognized that talent. He referred me to the music, and when I found my way, he let me wheel. The biggest inspiration for practicing music is love of music, in my case, singing.  I’m more focused on blues, jazz and funky. Aretha Franklin inspires me.

    Good Evening Europe: The name of your entry is “Beauty never lies” – Can you tell us about the message of the song  – and why you decided to sing in English?

    It’s time to say out loud with me, to yourself and others, that you are beautiful, different and that you are here. I believe that singing song in English this year, is great news, because the whole world will be able to understand it. “Molitva“  was performed in 2007 in the Serbian language, but since then much has changed. Now is the time for the song in English.

    Good Evening Europe: Can you reveal a little bit about your plans for the staging and song presentation in Vienna?

    I don’t want to reveal the details, but I can tell you that it will be very interesting.

    Good Evening Europe: We have seen you perform in these amazing, glamorous and colorful dresses. What does fashion mean to you and are you preparing a special surprise costume for Vienna?

    Like every woman, love to look nice. Cheerful colors is my choice always. Let’s wait May 19 and you will see.

    Good Evening Europe: Your entry is composed by Vladimir Graić, who wrote Serbia’s winning entry in 2007 and has English lyrics by Charlie Mason, who among other co-wrote “Rise like a Phoenix” for Conchita last year. Does that put a special pressure on you?

    Charlie Mason has done great work last year. Its not pressure for me, I will try to justify the trust of the people who elected me.

    Good Evening Europe: How would you like people to remember you and your entry after Eurovision?

    Would like people to remember me by my good energy and positive thoughts.

    Good Evening Europe: If you could chose from all the Eurovision songs in the history of the show, which one would you pick for yourself (to sing) and why?

    My choice would be „Where are you“ by Imaani or „Waterloo“ ABBA.

    Good Evening Europe: Have you followed Eurovision in recent years and which Serbian entry is your favorite?

    Sure, ever since I can remember, in my house the Eurovision was the special event. My favorite is „Molitva“ by Marija Serifovic.

    Good Evening Europe: Are you working on any new projects besides Eurovision?

     After Eurovision I will be able to working on new projects.

    Good Evening Europe: Do you have any special message for the readers of (Denmark)

    Never give up what/who you love! At the end there is only love!

    Good Evening Europe: Thank you very much for taking the time to answer our questions and good luck in Vienna.


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    Bojana Stamenov  has been singing since she was seven. She attended three sections in the secondary music school – guitar, lute and renaissance singing. In 2012 she was one of the finalist of “Serbia’s Got Talent”. In Serbia, she is often presented as the Serbian Aretha Franklin.

    She cannot imagine her life without music. She doesn’t like solitude, which is why she tries to spend as much time as possible with her loved ones. If everyone is busy, Bojana knits and crochets, and also loves to cook.

    She loves to travel and, in the future, she would like to visit France because of art and food, Ireland because of landscapes and beer, and America because of everything: blues, cowgirls, bikers, Chicago, musicals, Las Vegas.

    Founder, webmaster and editor at Good Evening Europe since 2006. Eurovision-fan since forever 🙂
    Has covered Eurovision Song Contest live 6 times, (Oslo 2010, Malmø 2013, Copenhagen 2014, Vienna 2015, Stockholm 2016 and Kiev 2017), Danish Melodi Grand Prix and Melodifestivalen in Sweden.
    From Vejle, Denmark.

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