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Report from the opening ceremony red carpet: singing, yodeling and interviews

    Photo: Michael Thygesen |

    Sunday, under a beautiful sunny sky, the traditional opening ceremony red carpet event was held at Mariyinsky Palace in central Kyiv. With the newly renovated palace as a backdrop and the longest red carpet, about 265 meters, in Eurovision history, the groundwork was laid for a spectacular event.

    With the booth assigned for the danish press delegation all to ourselves, and an amazingly hard working volunteer to help us out, we had all that we needed to cover the event in the greatest detail possible.

    Among other things, we get an answer to the question: “how did you get the idea to mix yodel with rap?”. We got to ask Anja Nissen about her beautiful dress, which she helped design herself. And of course we got to ask a lot of this years contestants about their favorite Eurovision moment.

    All this and a lot more in the video below:

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